Our House Journey

Before my husband Austin and I were ever together, Austin had been working on preparing our piece of property for building. That means that he's been working on this project for 3 years. 

Yup. Three years. 36 months. 1095 days and 26280 hours. 

So pretty much He's the champion of all champions. Bless that man!

In reality, the project has gone through a few iterations so with the end in sight im gonna go back and recount some our process as it's happened thus far. I'm gonna cover the whole project in section's The Property. The Foundation/Floors. The Design. The Color Pallette. The Accents. And The Interior: Room By Room.

Starting off:

A normal project would never take three years. Like, never. lol. So, if you're considering building don't be detoured by that timeframe... we have friends who built and were moved in by 4 months so just know that our situation wasn't standard by any means.

The Property.

The piece of property is a family piece that's been in my husband's family for over 20 years. As you can imagine a lot has changed and grown up around it in 20 years. As it stood when we purchased the property it is sandwiched behind two neighborhoods, it has working train tracks on the back end of the property, and a stream running through it and a lumber yard as it's neighbor on one side. I should mention that my husband works for that lumber yard - so it's a celebrated neighbor for us. Never the less, all of those elements made preparations and permits for our project a longer process. 

my brother at our property in October 2016.

my brother at our property in October 2016.

After months of working for permits, we finally started getting some traction on our project. 

Did I mention we had to build a bridge to cross our stream. Another very different circumstance :)

Having a stream on your property is pretty sweet right? The ability to walk out and enjoy the sound of water running quietly sounds like a dream and it really is. It's one of my most favorite things about our little plot of land. This particular stream is what they call a blue line stream... which just means that it's the kind of stream that's indicated on a map... which also means there are special permits and regulations to build a bridge to cross it. We clearly never thought we'd be building a bridge over a little stream you could step over but hey- if it's for nemo... I guess we'll play ball.

Here's the finished bridge and my sweet husband.

Also... with the property being so old it was extremely overgrown. Like, wooah. 

You see that monstrous crabapple tree (that was already dead) behind Austin- that thing was a beast to break down and haul away. Austin and a buddy of his tried to tackle is and went through a few chainsaw blades and come home covered in chigger bites. A word of advice to you if there are huge crabapple tree's you need doing away with... don't do it yourself. Just trust a pro with trees 50 times the size of your body. 

And then there was that glorious day that the footings went in....

All of this was accomplished by early November and we were grateful for this much process, after two years of just working to get the property ready and permits for building.

Stay tuned as next time I'll cover our foundation/floors: our concrete floors and radiant heat system.