The Design

It's a beautiful sunny day in Nashville today- we've had so much rain lately -that's been holding up our progress I might add (insert cry face) - so this sunshine is a much-needed change of scenery here. 

With the sun beaming through the skylight in our room and my coffee in hand I'm gonna share about our design process with the house. 

I hit on a few of these points before so some of this might sound super familiar... Austin was working with an architect originally  (before we were dating) to develop the property for a home. Austin was imagining a black farmhouse and had plans ready. First off- could Austin be any more perfect? A black farmhouse? Like, what a dream boat... so creative and he so gets the Modern Farmhouse thing.

Ugh #swoon. 

You can read more about that here in my previous post. In a nut shell we decided we couldn't build the house that was drawn. So, we talked about buying something preexisting instead. And as you know- we obviously come back to building... or else we wouldn't be here now :)

When we were looking at houses we were asked by our realtor to separately write down the top three things we wanted in the house we were looking for and not to show one another: so we did. When we brought them to the realtor he was amazed that we had written down the exact same things... apparently, in the realtor's experience, spouses don't always communicate their wants when looking for a house and it makes the process much harder to find something they both love when they aren't on the same page. If you're looking to build, buy, or renovate I'd highly recommend talking through your biggest wants with your person- whoever you're buying with and getting on the same page before getting serious about anything regarding the housing process. 

Luckily, Austin and I both had spent many many hours talking through all of our house desires and looking at Pinterest and Houzz and showing each other what we wanted. So, when it came to writing down our three biggest wants in a house we both wrote: Natural light, Big Kitchen, Open floor plan. Although we didn't end up buying- those were valuable words we ended up taking with us into our design process.

Austin and I love to entertain and host events so we wanted a space that would lend itself to that. We both love food and to cook, so having a big kitchen with space was important to us - and when it comes to natural lighting, well, I would love in a glass house if I could so.... there's that. We started by imagining what that space would look and feel like. We'd toss out ideas like high ceilings for sound, exposed trusses, white everything, black roll up door ... and on and on it went until Austin walked over to me with a rough sketch of our house. A very simple design without much dead space and with a focus on each space being highly functional. A draftsman friend drew it up to spec for us and we were on our way. 



The biggest piece of advice we got was to get as many eyes on the floor plan and design as possible. People who have built their own houses and know what they are talking about it have a lot of insight that us newbs have yet to acquire- so getting those who have gone before you to weigh in on your project is worth its weight in gold. This proved to be the best piece of advice we got. We had some key people who helped navigate and tweak our design to make it flow better and helped us utilize the space to its maximum ability. Also, because our design was so simple there wasn't much storage space around the house- having lots of eyes look and brains thinking on the plan helped to create storage in areas we never even thought of - as well as ideas and suggestions to make the home the most energy efficient.



When it comes to building you have to make a lot of decisions about things you've never even thought about and sometimes that can seem a little overwhelming- my biggest piece of advice is to find a handful of inspiration photos that you love the feel and look of and to use those photos as your spring board. 

Here were some of mine: 

This photo above was my main photo of inspiration: it had all the colors I wanted, the feel of clean, modern and farmhouse and just a touch of that simple Scandinavian feel- all in one. I worked off of this photo to make a lot of the decisions for the house.

the amazing and brilliant and flawless design of: AMBER INTERIORS

the amazing and brilliant and flawless design of: AMBER INTERIORS

Being able to really define what you're wanting will help you with the sea of decisions and options there are out there. The best thing to do is to start by listing out what you want your home to be like. 

Style:  Modern Scandinavian Farmhouse

Look: White, Clean Lines, Simple Layout, Barn/Farmhouse, Modern

Feel: Clean, Bright, Airy, Cozy, Minimal, Homey and Fresh

With as many options out there as there are grains of sand, you'll have to keep coming back to these definitions of your house in order to ensure everything looks good and flows together well. From the outside aesthetic to the inside you want all the design elements to work together harmoniously. My sister-in-law gave me a good piece of advice and said "when you see something you like, ask yourself if it matches your style, look, and feel? Is this clean, airy, minimal?"  From the exterior finishes to the interior- you want to make sure that each choice can be defined by your style, look, and feel. These questions help you stay on track! 

So just have fun gathering your ideas, photos, and inspirations and piece together that works well together what you feel the style of your home is? Traditional? Rustic? Modern? Midcentury? Traditional?  You get to make it your own.