We eat a lot of mexican food.

My husband and I are SUCH creatures of habit. So when we meal plan, I'm not exaggerating when I say that we eat some form of Mexican food 5 out of 7 nights of the week.

There are go-to dishes I feel very confident in making and one of them being these

S W E E T  P O T A T O  +  B L A C K  B E A N  E N C H I L A D A S

These enchiladas are the first meal I ever made for austin when we were dating and I felt pretttttttty confident that I'd woo him with these babies successfully.... so naturally, I went the extra mile and got dry black beans to soak myself instead of using canned. I made my best guacamole and even brought extra lime and cilantro for garnish.  We sat down to eat and I anticipated his response to how delicious everything was. As I waited for his remarks as I took my first bite and noticed VERY QUICKLY that something felt like chewing on rocks... those extra mile black beans... yeah not soaked long enough and I forgot to cook them. Luckily, Austin still loved them and married me anyway. However, i've never tried to do my own black beans since... haha, call it a sore subject but i'm just fine buying the beans in a can.

I've been making different versions of these enchiladas for years now. Over the course of the last few years and with much trial and error, changing and tweaking it to make it perfect... this year I feel like I've finally perfected it. 

These are great for meal planning as you can double the recipe and they keep really well in the fridge.